Personalized Shoes with A click of a Button: New Balance Custom US547

One of the most famous and wanted shoes from New Balance is their 547. It’s a classic shoe first produced in 1988 that never went out of fashion! This shoe never lost its value and popularity. Honestly, it’s really one of the most comfortable shoes that I’ve ever had! The New Balance 547 was originally produced to be a running shoe, but its good looks and attractive colours turned it into a casual everyday modern sneaker that everyone loves! In fact, chances are big that you also probably own a pair of these 547’s, or you at least know someone who does.

New Balance just did another AWESOME THING! CUSTOM 547’s! This means that from now own, you can DESIGN YOUR OWN NEW BALANCE CUSTOM US547!


Where can you find the New Balance Custom 547s?

In the New York’s 5th Ave New Balance store, you can find the Custom 547 kiosk. This kiosk will give you an amazing experience by allowing you to design your own custom 547 shoe.

How to customize the shoe?

Personalize your shoe by choosing from the variety of premium materials and many color options! You can choose whatever you want, add your own personalized signatures, details, style the shoe in every possible way until you are satisfied! You can put your own letters, numbers that have special meaning to you, and even choose the color of the threads! One word – AMAZING!

What if you don’t live in New York?

Not to worry! Even if you’re nowhere near the NY area, New Balance has made this option available for you too!

With just one click on the New Balance website, you can style your own custom 547s online, from the comfort of your own home!

New Balance promises that with their express shipping program, you can have your personalized 547s in JUST 2 DAYS!


How amazing is that?


Another important fact to know about the New Balance Custom 547 is that they’re made in the US. As Steve Gardner, Strategic Business Unit Manager for New Balance Lifestyle says: “Once you design your US574, our associates in Norridgewock will use their high quality craftsmanship to produce it for you”.

Once you order your custom 547, the New Balance manufacturing facility in Norridgewock, Maine makes them for you, using high quality materials and craftsmanship! This facility in Norridgewock, Maine has been opened 1982, and today it employs over 350 associates. New Balance might be the only bigger athletic footwear company that manufactures their products in the US. New Balance claim that one out of four shoe pairs sold in the US is made or at least assembled here.

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