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Privacy Policy

Welcome to QuotidienMutations. This is my privacy policy that seeks to expose and describe in full detail how I relate with users. As a site, its sole aim is to preserve the privacy of individuals as much as possible. Meaning, logging onto this site, does not expose you at all to any other third party. I welcome you to read this policy and behold the benefits therein. It is important to note that by using this site, you agree to its terms.

Information Collected

I collect the following information from individuals: their name, contact address, geographical location, and occupation. However, providing of your personal information is voluntary. You can decide to log in as anonymous.

What I do with the information gathered

The information I receive from you is used for improving my blog, enhancing user experience, and sending product updates to individuals. My shoe blog does not sell anything. It only provides information and reviews on popular athletic shoe/apparel.


I use cookies to help improve the experiences of the users by finding out which sites are key to them. It is good to note that cookies cannot be used to track personal information. However, they only provide that which you have allowed them. Alternatively, you can disable cookies on your web browser.


All individual users are provided with passwords. Meaning, no one can log onto this site using your account. Nonetheless, I have tracking systems that detect any account inappropriateness. Your passwords are always saved electronically hence there is no way they can be leaked.

Sharing of information

This site does not share any user information with a third party link. The only way a third party link can obtain your information, is if you provide them by logging onto their links. This therefore calls for care because once you provide them with your information, there is nothing more I can do.

Policy Changes

In case of any change, I shall notify the users. Otherwise, your personal information is always private.


This blog is not meant for individuals who like laying their responsibilities and blames on others. Quotidienmutations is a personal blog owned by Jayne. I am the only one with the authority over what appears on this blog. The information contained in it is personal expression and is in no way to be used as a guide to making important financial and life decisions. Kindly be informed that you are visiting my blog at your own risk.

Although I do my best to post accurate and up-to-date information, there is no guarantee to the correctness of the facts and information relayed to you. Any misfortunes that may arise from the use of this blog are your own problems. There is no way you can raise legal claims against me because Quotidienmutations expresses personal opinions only. Remember, you can also have your own blog and post whatever you want. There are also links in this blog that redirect to third party sites. We have no authority over what they do and it is, therefore, up to you to take caution when using those sites. Reach me through the Contact Jayne page if you have any questions or concerns.

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