Top Running Shoe Brands: How to Choose the Right One

For those of us who are new to the world of running it may come as a huge shock to discover that purchasing a pair of running shoes is not that simple! Firstly I am blown away by the vast selection of shoes on offer and secondly the fact that most professional running shoes are designed according to scientific data and specifications; really!

For example, Reebok came up with the Zig Technology to provide 2-dimensional cushioning.


There is a lot of science behind the design of each running shoe. This really is no joke; here are only a few of the top brands that are earmarked to dominate the 2015 running shoe scene:

Top Brands:

1. Altra Superior Trail 2.0 with a new 2mm thicker design that is 2.5 oz lighter.


2. Hoka Challenger ATR specifically designed for trail running.


3. TOPO Runventure aimed at trail running; it has a special mesh upper and built-in rock plate to stop debris from entering the shoe.


4. Asics offers the Gel-Nimbus 17 and Gel-DS trainers and the Asics Hyper Tri for tri-athletes


5. Adidas Terrex Boost for trail running


6. Ice Bugs Zeal OLX for running on ice and snow.

Ice Bugs Zeal OLX

7. Skechers GORun Speed 3 which were worn by the 2014 Boston Marathon winner.


8. The North Face Ultra Cardiac for long distance trail running.


9. Speedo The FST Evolution for triathlon

10. New Balance has several new and improved makes for the New Year.

You can find New Balance shoes at Here is additional info.

So finding out how confusing this whole running business truly is means that there must be other “newbie” (or professional) runners out there who are equally overwhelmed by the choices on offer. In an attempt to shine some light on the situation here are a few must have running shoe characteristics you should look out for:

Choosing your Shoes:

  • Start off by determining what type of foot you have; there are three main types namely high arched; flat and neutral. The shape of your foot will determine what type of running shoe will give you the best support. Your foot shape determines your running stride which in turn will point you towards the best brand and make of shoe; and believe me there are plenty to choose from!

  • Once you have determined the type of shoe that suits your stride it will be best to then have a look at what type of race you will be participating in.
  • So with expert shop assistant help you should be pointed in the right direction and will have the right category and shape; next you should try on the various shoes. It is best to buy half a size up to allow for maximum comfort in the toe area.
  • Of course the one big determining factor which will definitely help in narrowing down your choice is your budget! Some of the highly sophisticated running shoes that have unpronounceable scientific qualities can get a bit pricey; however for professional athletes price may not be an issue.

The main rule that many veteran runners adhere to is the fact that any shoe that feels right on their foot; regardless of look, is the shoe they purchase. So unlike your everyday shoes where look is all that matters, when it comes to picking out running shoes the main criteria you are looking to find is comfort!

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